customs brokerage

knows Customs brokerage.

With Customs brokerage being our niche business, we make knowing U.S. Customs regulations and how to classify your products “our business.”

With a licensed broker on staff at each of our locations, understanding U.S. Customs regulations and classifications with their corresponding duty rates using the harmonized tariff schedule is our core business. Because of this and the experience of clearing thousands of products over the years into multiple ports, we are very familiar with U.S. Customs procedures. Other governmental agencies who play a key role in the import supply chain is also our specialty when it comes to clearing your shipments quickly. Whether its country of origin marking, writing a binding ruling for Customs classifications & duty rates, understanding Sec 301 & 232 additional duties, Hahn International is your logistical solution and education partner.

Customs regulatory expertise.

Customs regulations are complicated. Were here to help you understand what it takes to clear your products legally and efficiently. Commercial invoicing requirements along with incoterms, trade agreements, cargo subject to special licensing and/or permits, IPR (intellectual property rights) and copyrights are all important things to understand for the importation process. We understand what’s required and how Customs works in order to keep you compliant.  That because we work with them around the country in every port, every day. We grew up in the business which is why you can trust us.

Aligning ourselves with Other/Partner Government Agencies (OGA & PGA) to make sure you remain compliant

Dependent upon the products you bring in, importers not only have to focus on Customs, their goods may also be subject to the approval of one of dozens of Other Government Agencies or Partner Government Agency approvals. These agencies include the Food and Drug Administration, USDA/APHIS, Department of Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency, and more.
Not knowing how to clear your merchandise through these agencies can be a real problem causing unnecessary delays and expenses. Hahn International has the know-how to get your merchandise released compliantly through these PGA’s so that you get your cargo faster.

Hahn International is on line with ACE Technology

ACE is a single window IT portal controlled by U.S. Customs that allows all parties of the supply chain to interact with each other so that we all can view and track shipments data and status. Customs has implemented a paperless environment and become an electronic highway for all logistic partners.
Hahn International has jumped on board to evolve with the ever changing technology requirements that comes with importing cargo. Albeit ACE (automated commercial environment), RLF (remote location filing), ISF (importer security filing) or our own supply chain software, we continue to align ourselves on every platform.