Sec 301 – China Entries & Sec 232 – Steel & Aluminum Entries

Sec 301 - China Entries &
Sec 232 - Steel Aluminum Entries

If you import cargo that’s made in China or steel & aluminum cargo, then you’re probably already aware of the additional duty U.S. Customs imposes on products brought into the U.S. The China trade wars started back in 2018 and ever since, it has increased duties and tariffs 10-fold. Or specifically 7.5%, 25% and in some cases 50%.Not only is finding the correct classification to your product of paramount
importance but this will determine what additional percentage you will pay, if any. Most products imported into the U.S. are now subject to the additional China, steel & aluminum duties. This has made the importing process even more complicated than it already is. If your struggling with knowing what this is, how to assess the correct duties & tariffs or just need legal advice on correctly importing your merchandise, please contact one of our experienced professionals on staff. We’ve guided hundreds of clients in the importing community through this difficult process since its started.